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The 10 Ways that Forex Trading is Better than Other Investments

by nodoubtmarketing

Forex trading has always been ahead of the game in competing with other types of investments. The Forex market has oftentimes been referred to as the epitome of perfect competition in that things are on an equal playing field despite all the opportunities to profit that present themselves. Never get discouraged when a currency is falling in value because it always means that another one is rising and that just opens another door for opportunity. Here are the 10 ways that Forex trading stacks up against other investments.

#1) Forex trading operates on a 24 hour clock - from Australia, to Japan, to the UK, to the US, and then back again, you have the ability to trade currencies 24 hours every day except weekends. Remember that the stock market is like Dolly Parton once sang --- "Working 9 to 5."

#2) Start trading for as little as $300 - open a "mini-account" and play like the big boys. That large wad of capital that was required at the NYSE won't happen when you trade in the Forex market. Trades start for as little as $300, and that 's a lot easier to deal with than what you're up against with other markets.

#3) The most liquid market in investments - when you engage in trading in the Forex market, your capital is not tied up for long periods of time. Even better than this, you have full control of your investment.

#4) An unlimited earnings potential - $1.5 trillion per day in Forex trades alone means that the potential for unlimited earnings is in your reach. Not only is the Forex market the most liquid anywhere in the world, it reflects the highest day trading volume of any of the investment markets.

#5) Bull, Bear, Up, Down --- who cares - whether its bullish or bearish, and whether it 's on an upswing or a downswing in the other markets, those are mere factors that don't apply in the Forex market. In fact, there is more growth potential whether the commodities, futures, or stock markets are ascending or descending.

#6) Purchasing = selling - what??? It 's a true story when your trading currencies. In other words, when you are purchasing one, you are normally selling another. So it doesn't really matter is the market is climbing or falling. All that matters is that you make the right choice when picking a currency.

#7) Accuracy in predictability is possible on a regular basis - once you have the knowledge and you get some experience under your belt, your ability to predict becomes more accurate. You'll soon be able to identify the cycles that regularly occur in the forex market, and predicting the outcomes will be easier each time around.

#8) It 's a transparent market - the use of the technical analysis that is available will help you see the trends mentioned in #7 above. Manage all the risks, execute your orders, and profit from it.

#9) Take advantage of the signals - forex online signals come out 3 times each day and last for short periods. Don't let these slip by you. Because of how they can be sent electronically (PC, laptop, cell phone, etc.) you can receive them anywhere and these will tell you when to purchase of sell.

#10) Have laptop --- will trade - you can trade anywhere, anytime if you do it right. Having a laptop with wireless connectivity allows you to conduct trades no matter where in the world you happen to be.

About the Author

Justin Stewart has used software to automatically trade the forex market allowing him to earn a living without lifting a finger, even while he sleeps. You can use the same forex software to get the same results.

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