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Is The Hype About FOREX Trading Real?

by Steve Welker

Earning big money is what FOREX trading is all about. Exchange rates change constantly on the FOREX markets and many investors have found that this volatility can lead to some very significant profits. FOREX is an abbreviation for the foreign exchange market, which is based around buying different currencies when the exchange rate is down and then selling them when it is up. You will often se this abbreviated to the even shorter moniker "FX". Trades on the FOREX market are done through a financial institution or broker; many of these same institutions also offer other forms of investing such as stock and bonds.

When you start investing in FOREX you are actually sending your money to be used in other countries. This helps stabilize hedge funds and various other trading markets in the country of the currency you purchase. When you trade in this market your money can really get around in a hurry, your money could end up in several different countries in just a few days. If you have a managed account your broker will determine the daily balances and changes. When you read through your account statement you will see that each countries currency is designated with a three-letter abbreviation.

Here are some of the more common currencies you will see: JPY is the Japanese Yen, USD is the United States Dollar and GBP is the British Sterling Pound. When you look at the individual transactions on your statement you will see entries like JPY/USD. In this case it means that your broker took your Japanese Yen and traded them for US Dollars. It is common to see many transactions trading from one currency to another and even back to the original currency in a fairly short period of time, this is done to try to capitalize on the volatility of the currency exchange.

If you are using a respected investment management firm then you can feel secure that your FOREX investments are in safe and knowledgeable hands. When you are looking for a managed account then you really want to find a company that has years of experience in the markets. I would not suggest that you start out with a new company because you are risking that their skill level may be lacking. Be very careful when choosing the company to deal with, there are many new companies available online. Many of these companies are in foreign countries and you will not have any reliable method to check their qualifications or legitimacy. Read your trading agreement very carefully and know as much as possible about the company you choose to avoid being scammed.

The minimum investing levels vary greatly from one financial institution to another. Some companies will allow you to open a mini-account for as little as $250 where as others will require much larger initial investments such as $10,000. This is determined by the brokerage company, be careful of brokers that require very small initial investments. There are scam artist out there looking to rip off honest investors.

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