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Forex trading is the latest money making craze to hit the internet and is fast becoming one of the most successful ventures any internet marketer can undertake. If you have never heard of Forex trading you may be wondering what in fact trading forex actually is and how you can get in on the action.

Forex trading is quite literally speaking online currency trading. This online currency trading involves trading currencies from all over the world and is quite similar to the stock exchange except there is no central exchange governing how forex trading works. Trading forex uses the interbank market or simply put and over the counter market and trading forex takes place directly between two persons with no third parties involved. Forex trading can take place over the phone or via electronic networks. Forex currency trading involves the buying and selling of one currency for another and there are a number of very popular currency combinations that are used. These currency combinations are referred to as a cross and an example of a forex trading cross would be the buying of Euro and selling of US Dollars. The most commonly traded currency combinations are called "majors".

Forex currency trading is worldwide and some of the main forex trading centres are based in Sydney, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo and New York which means that the forex trading market is open 24 hours a day.

Forex trading or online currency trading has now become one of the largest trading markets in the world and these forex trades are reported to be accumulating over $1.5 trillion each day. When compared with the New York Stock Exchange this is over a hundred times more trade on a daily basis.

Forex trading is easy to get into and there are numerous online forex trading tutorials and education facilities available for anyone wishing to gain more information. For more information on forex trading and for forex education a brief internet search will bring up an abundance of results.

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