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Forex Charts - Don't Trade Forex Without Them

by taipan

These Internet days forex charts are prepared by software which study the historical and the current data to generate the bigger forex pair picture for the trader. The trader may choose his charting software as per his needs. Many online forex dealers and brokers provide some very good charting services free as part of their account package.

Forex charts are graphs or tables indicating at any given time the conversions among currencies or the exchange. Some charts compare two currencies where as other charts may compare multiple currencies. Forex charts are handy, since not only do the charts provide visual aids, they monitor the foreign currency marketing exchange, or Forex, and provide up to date quotes. The charts keep accurate price records, which project what the results of each year will bring in the currency trade industry.

Forex charts are not something that can simply be glanced at and comprehended within a matter of minutes. The most successful traders will take their time to fully evaluate and act upon the data that is presented. Forex charts are essential in helping the trader find a particular currency 's value in real time. It also spot trends and helps the trader understand lots of complex information quickly.

Forex charts are one of the most important things you should learn in order to successfully trade in the Forex market. Without this knowledge, you are very likely doomed to fail in this very liquid active market.

Forex charts are used by both fundamental and technical analysts. A fundamental analyst is trying to find a correlation between a trend seen on a chart and "macro" events that are occurring in real life such as political events or financial announcements. Forex charts are usually available online by joining a service. Most forex dealers offer charts free of charge to account holders. Charts remain very current and can be checked constantly. Forex charts are easy to interpret, especially for someone that has invested in or day traded stocks before. When looking at a real time chart of a stock, the trader has to select the chart period (1 day, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, etc.) and the ticker symbol of the desired stock. The same process is followed by the forex trader.

Currency trading is regarded as the largest financial market in the world. Players participating in currency trading within the Forex market are large banks like Citibank and Deutsche Bank, nationalized and government banks, multinational firms, financial institutions and investment companies. Currency day trading is the new way to speculate. Forex has a lot of benefits to offer the modern investor. Currency trading volume is relatively high 24 hours a day, but there are considerable peaks in activity when the British, European, and US markets are open simultaneously, which is from 1 pm GMT to 4 pm GMT. Pacific Rim markets, such as Japan and Hong Kong, show a dip in their trading volume while there is extensive volume in the US market at the very same time.

Technical analysis is used to identify patterns of market behavior that have long been recognized as significant. For many given forex chart patterns there is a high probability that they will produce the expected trading results. Price bars are a linear representation (a line) of a period of time. This enables the viewer to see a graphic representation summarizing the activity of a specific time frame.

Price ranges of high volume can indicate support when the stock is trading near a low just above a high volume area. Likewise, price ranges of high volume can indicate resistance when the stock is trading near a high just below a high volume area.

Forex charts help you to trade smartly, and gain the maximum out of Forex trading. If you can afford it I suggest that you trade with a bank that offers retail forex trading, a big bank like Deutsche Bank is certainly safer with counter-party risk and offers an excellent trading platform for your use as an account holder.

Online sites have a large variety of services for beginners, intermediate, or even skilled traders. For beginners, online sites may include education, training and other demos on how to start trading. Online forex trading requires only that you have access to the Internet as well as some initial capital to open the forex trading account. Your initial investment need not be too big, but realistically your chances of being successful at trading are improved when you open an account for at least a few thousand Dollars.

That is if you use careful money management in determining the size of your positions, in establishing stop loss points, and pay close attention to your forex charts. If you are careless in trading forex over time you will lose no matter how good your platform and charting service may be.

About the Author

Gerald "Taipan" Greene is a retired forex trader and portfolio manager who worked in Asia for over 20 years. He now writes for a number of financial, political, and Internet business related blogs. One of them is at Learn to Trade Forex

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