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Automated Forex Robot - Get One That's FREE Easy to Use and Made Millions!

by kelly Price

If you are considering buying an automated forex robot, there are many to choose from but most will lose you money, as they only have simulated track records. In this article we will give you a system that's free, is simple to understand and made millions!

Before we look at our free automated forex robot, let's look at why it beats the vast majority of sold ones.

Beware of the Back Test!

The ones you see advertised heavily online are sold with a back tested track record and of course anyone can make up a track record, knowing all the facts but the acid test is real profits in the market.

The free forex robot we are going to look at here, has been making big profits for over 25 years also, it's based on timeless logic and will continue to work.

The System

The system itself was developed by one of the great traders of all time - Richard Donchian, when he noticed the importance of the 4 week cycle in the commodity and currency markets and the system is called - The 4 Week Rule.

Its only one rule and here it is:

Execute a long trading signal, on any break to a new 4 week high. Reverse your position to a short, when you hit a 4 week low. Continue to stop and reverse, on 4 week highs and lows and always maintain a position in the market.

Simple and Effective

That's it and you're probably thinking - that's really simple! Does it make money?

The answer is yes it does. Many people think that complex systems make money but it's the simple ones that do because they are more robust with fewer elements to break.

Why the System Works and Will Continue to do So

It's based on very sound principles of market behaviour which will NEVER change.

The first principle is that markets will always have big trends up or down. Of course currency markets trend for long periods, sometimes years and this system will get you in and keep you in, all the major trends.

The second principle is, most trends start from new market highs and lows and this system is based on buying and selling these breaks for big profits.

It also has other important advantages which are:

1. It doesn't take long to trade and you can easily execute your trading signals in around 15 - 20 minutes per day and you don't have to watch the market.

2. You don't have to think - the signal is clear cut, all you have to do is place it in the market.

So what are the downsides of the system?

This is a trend following system, so when markets move sideways, it will generate losses but you can add a filter and exit the trade on a 1 or 2 week high or low and then wait for the next 4 week signal to get back in.

Both methods will work but using the filter smoothes swings in account equity.

You Need Discipline

The other problem with the system is you need the right mindset to follow it and most traders have a real problem following long term trend following systems. Its clear cut and you must follow the signals as given and stick with it - longer term it wins but requires patience and discipline to follow.

A Simple Proven Route to Profits

This system has been around for decades and while simple, it simply delivers big long term gains and that's more than can be said for the numerous junk automated forex robots that are sold online - lots of hype and no substance! This one has no hype but lots of profits so know which one I would rather trade!


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